Big game fishing Ionian Greece
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Fishing Tackle
Ways of fishing

- High & low speed trolling
- Day time drifting for giant tuna
- Night time drifting for broadbill swordfish
- Fishing for deep sea bream
- Giant grupper day time fishing
Tackle Reels
  Qt Model
Shimano 4 50W Tagra LRS
Penn 1 80 International
Penn 2 50 TW International
Penn 2 9/0 Senator
Penn 1 6/0 Senator
Penn 2 4/0 Boat
Penn 2 975 LD International
Qt Model
4 Shimano Tagra 50
2 Penn International Tuna Sticks
1 Shakespear Goliath 50-80 lb
1 Shakespear Serpent Igfa 50 lb
2 American Custom Built 80-100 lb
1 American Custom Built 60-80 lb
2 American Custom Built 30-50 lb
2 1.6 MTR 25-30 lb
*Also available Jigging Rods & Spinning Rods
*CANNON Digi Troll IV: down rigger
*Cristal fishing: down rigger and deep sea night fishing for swordfish 2000ft
*Bait tank and fish boxes
*If you wish to bring your own tackle you can also do that!
Season Chart
Type of Fish Season
White Marlin, Barracuda May - November
Broadbill Swordfish, Amberjack All year round
Sail Fish June - November
Big Tuna May - July
King Fish, Bonito, Albacor August - November