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With the global warming, our waters which are only 250 miles away from Africa have become a lot warmer. As a result of that many species such as Marlin, Sailfish, Short & Long Bill Spearfish have entered our waters.

The Ionian Sea is very well known for the quantity of swordfish and many other varieties of tuna.

We welcome everybody! First time seasoned fishermen and children. Give them a chance to get hooked on fishing and experience the magic of the sea.

Also get the chance to tag and release a billfish and put down your name on the release form!

As far as the business is concerned we are very professional, but as people we are very friendly and our hospitality is more than you can expect. Hope to see you on board.

Zyg Gregorek - The world's best angler!

Very proud to say I achieved my objective by catching a 30lb plus Mediterranean Spearfish. I have now caught three different species of Spearfish from three different oceans, Pacific, Atlantic and Mediterranean, it’s taken a lot of research and many trips before I succeeded. Very pleased and proud to be the first person to have achieved this.

It was the second time I fished with skipper Yiannis Geladas and his deckie Mannis, on his boat Marlin Zante through his company Big Game fishing Zante.

zyg gregorek big game fishing zante

Enjoy an amazing fishing experience

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