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About me

captain yiannis geladas

I Captain Yiannis Geladas, now counting 13 years of Big Game Fishing Zante offering the magic of fishing to novice and experienced anglers that visit Zakynthos island.

I have been fishing since I could stand on my own two feet, my family had a little wooden fishing boat which I used to fish with rod and line, spear fishing and long lines. I have also had vast experience of fishing in International waters as I was a Chef on Cruise Liners all over the World. I have been Big Game Fishing constantly for over 45 years, catching Swordfish, Tuna and Dorado to name but a few.

My boat is the first licensed professional Big Game Fishing Boat on the Island. I can not tell you tales of all the big fish I have caught as this was for my personal pleasure not a commercial venture. I will endeavor to make your day as pleasurable and memorable as I possibly can.

If fishing is not your passion then I also offer personal charter trips to visit our beautiful Island. You can swim in our beautiful crystal clear waters, spot the endangered Loggerhead Turtles, visit the Blue Caves and visit the most photographed Shipwreck on the planet. We fish around Zakynthian, Kefalonian and Peloponnese waters.

This is only an outline trip, I can customize all trips to suit the individual.

The boat is a Trojan Bertram built F32 called Marlin and is purpose built for Big Game Fishing with all the comforts you would expect from an American built boat. Air Conditioning, Twin Turbo Engines, Full Life Raft and Safety Equipment.

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